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The News Media Alliance, a US advocacy group for media companies, wants US media to be compensated by companies that use its content to train artificial intelligence models. Legal action is reportedly being considered.

Danielle Coffey, executive vice president of the News Media Alliance, told The Wall Street Journal editors that US media companies want to be compensated by AI companies. It appears that “our content is currently being used to create value elsewhere, despite the fact that we’ve made the investments. That needs to be compensated.” Wall Street Journal reports Robert Thompson, CEO of the American newspaper, also said in a recent financial meeting that there should be compensation for use proprietary content. According to the man, negotiations with the AI ​​company are also underway. It is not clear what company.

OpenAI is one of the major players in generative AI, which also leverages content from news websites. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has said in the past that fair use of material that has appeared on the Internet is important. OpenAI has contracted access to certain content and would also be willing to pay for higher quality data. However, it is not clear what data the man has in mind.

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