February 8, 2023

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US makes coronavirus screening mandatory for travelers from China

US makes coronavirus screening mandatory for travelers from China


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US to Mandatory Corona Screening for Travelers from China in New Year Several countries, including India, Japan and Italy, have already overtaken the Americans. This step has been taken due to the relaxation of corona restrictions in China. Due to this, the number of infections has risen sharply in recent times.

From January 5, all travelers aged 2 years and above arriving from China must show a negative test result. The test should not be taken more than two days before departure. US health officials are pointing to new variants of the virus spreading in China. Not much is known about it at present.

Additional research on new variants is also being conducted at Seattle and Los Angeles airports. Passengers may participate voluntarily. The tests conducted there look at the genetic makeup of the virus (called Sorting) which allows the discovery of new variants.

Restrictions on travelers from China were announced in Japan yesterday. All should be tested and those infected should be isolated. Italy announced similar rules. There they check all positive tests for new corona variants.

No rules after protests

The number of infections in Chinese cities has risen sharply in recent weeks, after authorities decided to virtually abandon a more stringent corona policy. The decision came after strong protests against strict Covid rules.