US Introduces Export Tariffs to Block China’s Technological Advance | Technology

US Introduces Export Tariffs to Block China's Technological Advance |  Technology

US President Joe Biden’s administration has proposed new export regulations designed to slow China’s technological and military advances. For example, American chip companies must stop supplying certain equipment to wholly-owned Chinese enterprises.

The US government also wants to prevent foreign companies from selling advanced chips to China. Supplying Chinese companies with equipment to make their own chips should also be stopped. But no other country has pledged similar measures, the US agrees.

“These measures could set the Chinese back for years,” said a cyber security expert at US think tank CSIS. According to him, the current policy is a return to the strict regulations at the height of the Cold War.

Relations between China and the US have been tense for some time. Last year, the US Senate approved massive investments to curb China’s economic power, particularly in technology.

Biden also expanded the list of Chinese companies where investments are not allowed.

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