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Anyway, I wonder why you need to have tiktok on your work phone; I don’t think you are very professional in your job to run the country.

Employers have a knack for promoting “company phone” as an added advantage.
They pretend it is a gift and so people use the thing as if it is something special. If that was not the intention (understandably), then this phone is not a “gift” but rather a “punishment”.

In a way, I think there is something to be said for the fact that if you want people to be reached, you have to incentivize them to always take your work phone with you, and thus allow them to use it privately. But then, as a business owner, you shouldn’t expect too much security or separation between business and private.

By the way, if this phone is really only there to be called/in an emergency with “Come to the store now to help out the fire” then it doesn’t matter much what the user does with it as long as the call continues to work.

Anecdote: I have a company phone whose number is only known to 3 people. Last year I received exactly one call. My employer has protected the phone well with a hard case with large bumpers. As a result, the phone is about three times thicker than my own and uncomfortable to hold, especially as a second phone. This is not a complaint as I chose this myself. Now it comes… That day I lost my own phone and decided to call myself to my work phone. Then it turns out it doesn’t work, the details don’t matter, but I’ve probably been walking around with a brick for nothing for weeks.

Well it could go wrong but since I only use this phone for work it took me a long time to figure it out. Since then I put a special app on my work phone which I use every day and sometimes I use it to view a website. It’s not the perfect separation between work and private life that I’d like, but it’s an almost necessary compromise.

Also interesting is the question of how accessible the employee should be. That you can be called from bed in an emergency is of course part of your contract. But what about Saturday morning chat messages at 7:30? You can put your own phone on silent mode if you don’t want to be woken up by a beep, but of course that’s not what a business phone is for.
There is often a block/allow list of numbers/contacts that may or may not be subject to restrictions, but it only works with known numbers/contacts and you usually have to set it for each person. You simply can’t bring your phone into the bedroom either.

Before you know it, you’ll be walking around with two phones for work… Again, no complaint, I choose this myself, and going a little extreme on these matters is part of my job, but not everyone has that choice.

All of this is a very long way of saying I get that people do private business on their work phones when everyone really realizes that’s not quite the point.

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