US hopes for short-term deals with allies on chip exports to China

US hopes for short-term deals with allies on chip exports to China

The U.S. government hopes to strike deals with allies on new measures against China in the future. These measures should limit Asian access to advanced chip manufacturing equipment.

This reports a source from the US Department of Commerce Reuters. Earlier this month, the ministry unveiled new export restrictions aimed at China. In doing so, it further restricts China’s access to US technology for chip manufacturing. The United States wants to slow down China’s technological and military development, with the aim of protecting its position in the region. However, the announcement also drew criticism. For example, allies that do not support export restrictions, such as China, may continue to have access to chip machines from, for example, Dutch ASML.

However, Alan Esteves, undersecretary of commerce for industry and defense, said in an interview with US think tank CNAS that the US expects to reach an agreement with allies on the matter soon. This includes the Netherlands and Japan. Esteves is preemptively talking about restricting exports of everything related to chips and tools for chip production.

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