June 6, 2023

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US delays tax on Russian fertilizer

US delays tax on Russian fertilizer

The US government has decided to introduce new tariffs on Russian fertilizer imports a few months later. The sanctions, announced in August, are designed to punish the regime of Alexander Lukashenko of neighboring Belarus for fraudulent elections and to respond to allegations of abduction of immigrants into the EU.

Biden management still plans to export potash fertilizer from Belarus, but will not do so until the end of April. According to the National Maize Farmers Association, this gives American farmers time to save. Belarus is one of the largest potash exporters in the world.

The United States first announced sanctions against Belarus in August, including against two large state-owned companies that export about 13 million tons of potash a year. Association of Events Fertilizer costs are currently high worldwide. For example, China blocked the export of phosphate fertilizers, and Hurricane Ida affected glyphosate and nitrogen production in the United States.

Phosphate fertilizers

In addition, the US Department of Commerce recommended a tax on urea-ammonium nitrate imports from Russia and Trinidad and Tobago. The US International Trade Commission also ruled this year to tax phosphate fertilizers imported from Morocco and Russia. Moroccan Fertilizer Manufacturer OCP is appealing this ruling.

American farmers are not happy with the consequences of politically motivated tariffs. “The American farmer should not be affected by the trade practices of foreign governments or the differences between multinational corporations,” a U.S. farmer’s spokesman said. “However, that’s what happens when restrictions or tariffs are introduced. Farmers pay the price, while others make a profit.

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