Receiving more than 2,750 patients with corona and stabilizing the flow | the interior

Receiving more than 2,750 patients with corona and stabilizing the flow |  the interior

The number of admitted Covid patients has fluctuated to about 2,700 for more than a week, peaking at 2,845 last Tuesday. On Sunday, the LCPS noted that the flow of Covid patients had stabilized last week. There are also “cautious signs” that the increase in the corona occupation is declining.

There are now 611 coronavirus patients in intensive care, an increase of 13 patients from Sunday. This is the highest number since May 20. Nursing wards are currently treating 2,143 patients with corona, an increase of 49 from the previous day.

And during the past 24 hours, 211 new patients with corona were admitted to nursing wards, which is the lowest number in three weeks. 51 patients infected with corona were admitted to the intensive care units.

There have been more corona patients than non-corona patients on integrated circuits for some time now. Intensive care units are now treating 420 non-Covid patients. These are people who, for example, have had a serious accident or are being treated for serious illnesses. In total, there are now 1,031 patients in these wards. The total capacity on ICs is 1194 beds.

To distribute the pressure on hospitals, patients are scattered all over the country. On Sunday, 3 people were transferred to another area. Currently there are 15 people from our country on integrated circuits in Germany. The National Network for Acute Care (LNAZ) has been transporting patients to German hospitals for several weeks to ease care here. On Sunday, it was not necessary to transport patients to Germany.

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