US couple arrested for spying on nuclear submarine | Abroad

US couple arrested for spying on nuclear submarine |  Abroad

A married couple has been arrested in the United States for trying to sell classified information about a nuclear submarine. However, the buyer turned out to be not a representative of a foreign government, but an undercover FBI agent.

Jonathan Toby, 42, who has worked as an engineer for the US government since 2012, was arrested Saturday with his 45-year-old wife, Diana, in West Virginia, months after the undercover operation.

The FBI became concerned after Toby contacted a foreign government by mail in April 2020, whose name has not been released. He wrote that he wanted to sell brochures, performance reports, and other sensitive information.

For example he wrote: I apologize for this poor translation in your language. Please send this letter to your military intelligence. I think this information will be of great value to your country. This is not a hoax.” Court documents do not reveal how the FBI intercepted the speech.

In exchange for cryptocurrency

Then an FBI agent impersonated a state representative and agreed to pay thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency for the information Toebbe provided. It is said that he provided the information several times.

For example, the FBI found a blue memory card wrapped in plastic sandwiched between two slices of bread on half a peanut butter sandwich. Once again, the information was hidden in the gum wrapper. His wife was watching every time. The couple were arrested in the third exchange of information.

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