US Congress wants to question Trump’s chief executive: ‘He has answers’

US Congress wants to question Trump's chief executive: 'He has answers'

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the January 6 Capital Storm unanimously ruled on Monday that Meadows should be prosecuted for insulting Congress. The judiciary must now take the cry.

“This is a very serious investigation team. It’s like the MH17 disaster investigation team in our country,” said US journalist Eric Mouth. “As chief executive, Meadows was a top adviser to Trump. He knows everything. He has the answers.”

It’s about an investigation into the January 6 attack on the Washington Capital by an angry mob of Trump supporters. Five were killed and hundreds were injured.

Where was the army?

The Senate convened on Tuesday to discuss the results of Donald Trump’s failed presidential election. Opponents wanted to avoid ensuring Joe Biden’s election victory.

“Everyone is wondering why it took so long for the National Guard to intervene. I was there. I thought the army would come at any moment, but it took four hours,” Mauden said.

Reports collected by the Commission of Inquiry indicate that the White House is aware of the Capitol and the conditions surrounding it. The New York Times reported that Meadows had a coordinating role with the organizers of the protest.

An email from Meadows shows that the National Guard is ready to help Trump supporters, according to the panel. The PowerPoint presentation was accompanied by footage announcing Biden’s election victory, which included declaring a state of emergency or accusing China and Venezuela of interfering.

Witch hunting or finding the truth?

According to Mauden, the United States is divided over the investigation: “Right-wingers think this is a witch-hunt for Trump. Leftists are even more shocked by Capital Storm and are demanding answers.”

“We know Trump provoked the people. But this group wants to know how Capital’s storm was organized. Did the White House coordinate this?” Says Maudan.

According to Mauden, Trump wants to prevent his closest allies from talking at all costs. “Parliamentary elections are coming at the end of next year. If the Republicans get a majority, this committee is over.”

That does not mean that the commission of inquiry is meaningless. Party members under Trump talk to the committee and all kinds of documents are available on request, which creates a complete picture of the events.

Lawn likes to write a book

Meadows handed over the documents, but the committee said he withheld several pieces of information. According to the former chief executive, the information was confidential. But the committee does not see this credibility because Meadows is promoting a book he discusses about the Capitol storm.

Ultimately, the judiciary must now decide whether to pursue a criminal case against Meadows. He faces up to a year in prison. Last month, the ministry decided to sue former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for refusing to testify before a commission of inquiry.

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