US Congress approves Taiwan arms deal

US Congress approves Taiwan arms deal
InternationalFebruary 8 ’22 10:38 amAuthorBNR web editors

The United States has signed a $ 100 million arms deal with Taiwan. This includes selling equipment and services to upgrade the missile defense system. China says the deal severely undermines national security. The country considers Taiwan a treacherous province. According to a Chinese government spokesman, the country will “take strong measures to protect its own security interests.”

US-made Taiwanese missiles in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.
US-made Taiwanese missiles in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. AP Photo / Wali Chandana

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According to the US Department of Defense, modernization of the security system enhances Taiwan’s security and contributes to “political stability, military balance and economic progress in the region.” Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry is pleased: “As we face China’s continued military expansion and provocation, this will allow our country to maintain national security with strong security,” the ministry said.

The Taiwanese military has historically relied heavily on U.S. arms supplies. Since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the number of deliveries has increased again. For example, in 2020 alone, the US government announced deals worth more than $ 5 billion. Last summer, President Joe Biden announced a new $ 750 million deal. This delivery is pre-Trump.

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As China takes on a much firmer role, Taiwan is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the region. The Chinese ambassador to Washington said in January that the two powers could face a military confrontation if Washington promotes Taiwan’s independence.

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