US closes airspace for Russian aircraft

US closes airspace for Russian aircraft

U.S. President Joe Biden announced Tuesday evening that Russian planes will no longer be allowed in US airspace.

Biden was announced by the United States European union Will follow its airspace closure. This means that flights registered in Russia will no longer be welcomed over the United States. Also, aircraft flying with a Russian owner or a Russian company will no longer be allowed in US airspace.


The closure had a limited impact on Russian airlines. Russia only serves a few destinations that need to fly through US airspace, except in the United States.

The most popular destinations for Russian airlines are in Asia, and flights from Russia are still warmly welcomed. Other popular travel destinations, such as Southern Europe and the Caribbean, are difficult or impossible to reach from the country.

Russian private jets

The move will have a major impact on the transportation of the Russian elite, which often travels on private jets. Various media reports suggest that relatively many Russian oligarchs, who Here To follow, some regular trips to the United States. From now on it will be more complicated for them. However, travel from Russia to the United States is still possible, for example with transfers in China.

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