‘US ASML employees not allowed to work with Chinese clients’

‘Amerikaanse ASML-medewerkers mogen niet met Chinese klanten werken’

ASML immediately banned employees in the United States from working with Chinese clients. With this, the Dutch chip company complies with the new regulations of the US government.

In an internal memo from Chip, employees in the US were told that working with and supporting Chinese customers is now a thing of the past. According to Bloomberg The ban applies to all US employees of ASML, including various foreign nationals working for the company in the US. ASML has now confirmed the internal email.

ASML under pressure

ASML has been in dire straits for some time now. US pressures Dutch company to sell less or no chip-making equipment to China At the moment, Veldhoven’s technology company still delivers Deep ultraviolet (DUV) machines For Chinese customers. More advanced Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) equipment No longer sold.

New American regulations

The Dutch company responds by ceasing support for Chinese customers from the US New regulations of the US government. The regulations state that Chinese companies cannot buy advanced chip manufacturing technology from American or US-based companies without a license or approval. They can no longer recruit US personnel for this purpose.

With these terms, the US government wants to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from gaining more economic and military power. Many Chinese companies that use advanced chip manufacturing technology have close ties to the party and the Chinese armed forces.

As a result of this law, American chip technology companies are trying to cut ties with China. Applied Materials, KLA and Lam Research recently began repatriating employees from Yangtse Memory Technologies, the largest Chinese manufacturer of memory chips.

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