‘US asks South Korea not to absorb chip shortage if China bans Micron’ – IT Pro – News

Subtle and precise.

No, the United States is not the first to stick its head out in conflicts, they are often the ones that instigate the conflict. But for Ukraine, it is mainly a response to NATO, as Russia says the conflict was caused by Ukraine’s desire to join NATO.

Also, the US has not been quiet about sending M1 Abrams tanks, and in addition, not a single Abrams has gone to Ukraine, which is expected as soon as September. The US has also long refused to send Abrams to Ukraine because they require more maintenance and have a completely different propulsion pattern than what the Ukrainian military is familiar with. It was Germany that forced the US to send Abrams tanks in exchange for Germany agreeing to send Leopard tanks.

Germany is particularly worried about further escalation. If we continue to deploy heavy weapons in Ukraine, where will it end, and who is to say that one day Ukraine will not automatically cross the border into Russia with weapons supplied from NATO? Will Russia then limit itself to Ukraine, or will they suddenly outlaw all of NATO and enter World War III?

America is not really better than China or Russia in many areas. The whole world conducts military operations as if someone gave them that right, nothing. No other country spends more on its military than the United States. All to reveal their power to the whole world. See who we are and what we can do. Don’t get in our way, don’t bother us, or we’ll unleash it all on you.

Basically we blame China and Russia don’t we?

There should be no superpower. There shouldn’t be 1 country that decides what should or shouldn’t happen and thinks it has the right to intervene everywhere. It thinks it has a divine right to lecture others.

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