US and China clash over Taiwan issue

US and China clash over Taiwan issue
InternationalJune 12 ’22 14:19AuthorBNR web editors

The conflict between China and the United States continues at the International Security Summit in Singapore. Chinese Defense Secretary Wei Fengke has accused US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin of slander, libel and threats after previously criticizing China’s handling of Taiwan and other regional disputes.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen with a rocket launcher ANP / EPA? Sien Chich Chun

Wei believes the United States must stop “interfering in China’s internal affairs.” He added that the ball was in Washington’s court when improving the already troubled relationship between the two countries. The Chinese minister has repeatedly said in Singapore that his country maintains peace and stability and is not an aggressor.

Austin said on Saturday that China was becoming “more coercive and aggressive”. He spoke of a “dangerous” increase in the number of unsafe and occupational incidents between Chinese aircraft and ships from other countries. Austin reiterated that the United States stands behind Taiwan. He condemned China’s “unstable” military operations near Taiwan.

The U.S. criticism came a day after ministers met face-to-face during what became known as the Shangri-La Dialogue, where 28 countries around the Pacific annually discuss security issues. Ministers clashed during bilateral talks on Taiwan. Beijing sees the island as a treacherous province, while Washington offers military support to Taiwanese authorities.

At the summit, Wei reiterated that the Chinese government is in favor of “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan, but has not ruled out military intervention. He said Beijing would do its best to “fight to the end” against Taiwan’s independence and would not hesitate to “fight if anyone tries to separate Taiwan from China.” The minister also warned that the Chinese military should not be underestimated. “Those who follow Taiwan’s independence in an attempt to divide China are sure to end badly.”

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