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In the last sprint, our developers worked on preparing our new product review form for beta testing. We’ve also been working on preparations for an internal test for The original dark mode.

Renewal review form

A year ago, we researched how to improve user writing for product reviews. Through a survey and responses to plans, we collected insights that were translated into concept for a simplified review model. This concept has been successfully tested in a usability test, and we gave feedback on it in a previous plan.

It took us a while to find a place in our schedule to actually start building the new model. We are working on this for a number of sprints now and are ready to make the new model available as a beta feature. There are still some technical points to be made before we can permanently replace the old model. Before this work is completed, we would like to collect feedback with a beta version. You can turn on the experimental feature in your settings.

The main change in the new form is that it now displays as a slide overlay on your desktop, so you can write a review on the page where the review button is. In previous races, we’ve made the review form more straightforward by removing separate ratings for criteria such as image quality, performance, and ties to other related products. We previously expanded the word limit for a short caption from 50 to 150, so you have more options for creating short reviews.

Our survey last year showed that you value the pros and cons the most. We’ve made entering this a little easier by automatically adding an additional field for a plus or minus point when filling in visible fields.

A fun way to get started with the review form is to update the inventories on your profile and add comments from there. Thanks to the slide, you can also write comments directly from your inventory.

We’re curious what you think of the new look. You can leave comments in the comments below this .plan and this forum thread about product review improvements.

Further development of the dark mode

The work also continued to develop the original dark mode. The results of our preference test a few weeks ago were clear enough to follow. More than two-thirds of the respondents in this test chose the gray variant (see chart below).

Not surprisingly, we are often told that the gray variant could be a little darker. We’ve taken these and other notes to work and will incorporate them into the final design.

In the coming weeks, we plan an internal release of this test by HQ and crew. After this testing is complete and all pending bugs are reported and resolved, we will contact you about the final public release.


  • We have slightly modified the zoom ratio on the maps functions in supply and demand. You now see more accurately the site that the ad creator indicated.

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