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In some countries it can be very difficult to hide your own identity because that community is so digitalized. In other countries, digitalization is at a very low level.

80% of people here do not have a bank account. Thanks to Govt, I have to prove who I am from time to time. It comes with a letter from the District Council. Since he had seen me once (he did not know my name) I got a few copies to name and date. He has already signed.

Companies are willing to pay. Even for very large sums. No one will be surprised if you pay for your car. Or Henk pays on behalf of Byte. You can do business (right here) without anyone worrying about who you are. It is a good idea to rent a server called ‘Kekke Gerid’.

My address? Translated into Dutch: Bijlmer, Amsterdam Municipality, North Holland. It is very common to have many municipalities with the name of Amsterdam and so on Municipalities Surroundings with the name of Bijlmer. So the delivery drivers ask where I live. Until they find me. (Yes, it can go wrong sometimes). My IP address is sometimes recorded 200km west of me and sometimes 200km north. It is not in my name under any circumstances. Internet sharing is very common here (because you can’t subscribe at a large rate).

You will not be able to find out digitally who I am and where I live. Immigration service is no more than in Amsterdam, North Holland. Municipality? He has no record of mine.

I do not care if those cryptos can be found. Have you ever heard of money donkeys? They collect money and pay in cash. For example, no one is surprised at changing hands on a pile of tips in a restaurant. The restaurant was not even next to the police station. Or those agents will be there. (Otherwise you drop that local officer a few cents).

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