“Unheard of” again his controversial regulator

"Unheard of" again his controversial regulator

When Oversight Board Chairman Taco Dankers resigned Wednesday after Norwegian Refugee Council About his anti-Semitic statementsOngehoord Nederland (ON) left the response that the broadcaster “stands firmly for the respect of all human rights”.

Shortly before that, Gert Jan Mulder had introduced himself as a new member of the supervisory board. As a publicist, Mulder featured an “article” in 2015 in which he presented a 14-step plan for exploring the Netherlands D Islamerin. For example, he suggested denying “men in dresses, hats, and hats” the right to receive benefits and allowing employers to avoid hiring such people. He wanted to “actively promote re-immigration. One Direction.”

In everyday life, Mulder is an agricultural entrepreneur, economist, and owner of a holiday park in Uruguay, where he spends large parts of the year. He was ranked 46th in the Forum for Democracy in the last elections. In a now closed Twitter account, he called himself “Islamophobia” on his profile. Several Mulder accounts have been banned. He mentioned himself in the column of 2019 Victim of left-wing activists, who will report to Twitter in a group. In this sense, it is the embodiment of what Ongehoord director Arnold Karskens said he wanted to deliver on the system: As “internet censorship” increases, you can “say whatever you want” on the public broadcaster, he said on his online show.

Mulder does not teach us through an intermediary Norwegian Refugee Council I want to talk. It remains unclear how Mulder thinks now. Tweets attributed to him five years ago show that he is happy that he will never have to deal with Muslims: neither in the neighborhood, nor as a colleague. “It will remain so.”

Mulder’s Twitter account, according to ON, is also not responding to questions. Remarkably, he says “That’s right!” He wrote in a post downplaying the Taco Dunkers case as “an organized sensationalist about non-existent anti-Semitism.” That’s while, according to National Combatting Anti-Semitism Coordinator Eddo Verdoner, Dankers’ Gefira spreads “pure hatred of Jews.”

Karskens says nothing

The Dankers page has been flipped, but the question remains how the ON broadcaster really thinks about the accusations of anti-Semitism and racism against members of the supervisory board. Karskens takes Norwegian Refugee Council not on. It should be noted that the ON Board of Directors appoints supervisors. Outgoing minister Slopp (Media, C.U.), who granted Labor temporary status last summer, insists that “anti-Semitism and racism have no place in the system”. ON is allowed to broadcast from 1 January. The NPO leadership is still “starting a conversation” with ON about the departing Dankers. The speaker does not want to say whether Mulder is also the subject of discussion.

The Gefira Foundation of resigning superintendent Dankers on Wednesday responded to the posting in Norwegian Refugee Council. Journalists called the article a “mad attack.” The radical right-wing establishment says it has “never expressed negative feelings” toward a demographic.

According to anti-Semitism coordinator Verdöner, “It is required to continue working on this basis.” CIDI, which advocates for Jews in the Netherlands and Israel, reports.

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