‘Unacceptable terms’: Putin’s allies angry at mobilization’s ‘mistakes’ | Abroad

'Unacceptable terms': Putin's allies angry at mobilization's 'mistakes' |  Abroad

The partial military mobilization in Russia has not only provoked popular anger and protests. Loyal allies of Putin are also critical of the anarchist organisation. On Sunday, the heads of the Russian parliament expressed their concern. They are complaining on Telegram of “unacceptable conditions”.

Russia’s first mobilization since World War II sparked a series of protests across the country, with more than 2,000 people arrested, according to human rights groups. Men of military age attempt to flee the country en masse. There were long traffic jams on the borders with Finland and Georgia, and international flights ran out.

Reports that people with no military experience were summoned, causing further unrest. For example, stories have emerged of “unsuitable” candidates being picked to send to the front, such as students and even a retired diabetic.

Two senior politicians

The head of the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, Valentina Matvijenko, indicated via Telegram that he was aware that unqualified men would continue to be called. Such abuses are totally unacceptable. And in my opinion, it is right that society reacts sharply to this,’ it seems.

And she said in a letter to them that she holds the governors of the region responsible for the progress of mobilization. “Ensure that the partial filling is done according to the specified parameters, without a single mistake.”

The message of the State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin is the same. If an error occurs, it is necessary to correct it. Authorities at all levels must be aware of their responsibilities.

300,000 people

According to the official reading, President Putin invited 300,000 people to mobilize. Reports in the independent Russian media that there will in fact be more than a million men have been twice denied by the Kremlin.

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