UN The delegate meets the islanders and Prospera

San Pedro Sula

Local officials, businessmen, environmental activists and other community leaders Bay Islands They expect United Nations Call (UN) State Honduras To cancel Organic law of employment and economic development zones (A lot) And slow growth Prosperous

Residents of this sector, creators Table for the protection of the territory of the Bay Islands, Residence Coordinator Alice H. I felt support yesterday after meeting with Shackford HIM-HER-IT Ann Honduras.

In addition to meeting with community leaders and local officials, Shakeford spoke with executives at Prospera LLC, a New York Capital LLC / Honduras afternoon, seeking to create a Prosper Jeet in partnership with independent governments in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Speaking to local media, Shackford reiterated that HIM-HER-IT It calls for “respect for the state of Honduras to reconsider the compatibility of the Jeet with the constitutional framework” and to “respect human rights, the right to free consultation of previously consulted, indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants”.

In a phone interview LA PRENSA Newspaper, Ron McNab, MP for the Bay Islands, said he and the “people.” Rotten From the moment they realize they are “going to settle here” they are anti-prospera, and anticipation HIM-HER-IT It “supports respect for the human rights of citizens Rotten, Property Rights and Agreement between Great Britain and Honduras ”.

Lennox Wyke-Cruise Agreement, through which the UK returns to the Bay Islands and La Cosvia Honduras In 1859, the State of Honduran prevented the territory from being ceded to other powers or foreign powers.

Ms Shakeford may speak with the UK Ambassador to Guatemala to confirm that they respect the Lenox Wy-Cruise Agreement. She has more diplomatic contacts. He can give you a legal opinion on this Jeet law that violates the sovereignty of Honduras and that treaty. He noted the concerns of the local authorities regarding the taxes and said that the companies in the jeet would stop paying, “he said.

McNab “People Prosperous It made no investment on the island, but rather they are in an ambitious campaign to link all the properties already operating in this municipality (…). They have incorporated more than 58 acres of property in La Ciba. ”

According to the island’s deputy, “This is a briefcase jeet that does not generate investment, but rather skepticism and distrust among islanders. They are not committed to the development of the municipality and the sector. ” Cynthia Solomon, president of the Rotten National Tourism Association, said yesterday Daily Press “Abolishing the Jeet Act” is a common cry that gives the risk of running regional sovereignty.

Residents in Rotten, on the other hand, maintain a campaign to collect 150,000 signatures at www.change.org, thus National Congress Repeal this law. As of last night, they had the support of more than 117,000 people.


Irma Brady, director Bay Islands Defense Association (SPOUT, Bay Islands Defense Association) and the Bureau of Defense of the Bay Islands Territory, after attending a meeting with a representative of the delegation HIM-HER-IT, He is related LA PRENSA Newspaper “The people of Rotten are expecting international support to repeal this law.”

“If all the citizens of our countries take the time to read the law, they will realize that Jeet is a serious issue for the sovereignty of the country. You do not have to be a lawyer to know it, the law is clear,” he said.

“Those who claim to be investors and bring good practices to the country have registered more than 50 properties with the property company and avoided paying taxes to the municipality of Rotten,” Brady lamented.

Rotten Mayor’s office must pay more than $ 4 million to Neve Capital LLC / Honduras Prospera LLC and require clarification on the illegal real estate registration process.

According to Brady, islanders are very concerned that Prospera is on the best practice adoption committee, following in the footsteps of Barbara Colmin, a member of Austria’s radical conservative party who was embroiled in corruption scandals two years ago.

“Prospera is not just another municipality in Honduras, it is not just another city in Honduras. This is another country within Honduras because the powers they have do not belong to any municipality Honduras.

Prosperous reaction

Last night, Prespera held a public relations meeting at the UN. The Presbyterian Public Relations quoted the delegate as saying that the agency was “fully committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including the creation of an equal justice system, higher education and sustainable communities.” .

“Our company’s main motivation when creating the first project Honduras It attracts and serves all socio-economic groups, promotes the use of national raw materials, provides job training and opportunities for Honduran, and enriches and diversifies the local economy (…), ”said Natalie Forbes, a social contributor. Manager of Prespera, by a statement.

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