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Ukrainian game development company GSC Game World has postponed the release of Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl to 2023. Initially, the game was supposed to be released in December of this year, but due to the conflict in Ukraine, this is no longer possible.

Delayed shooting alive was inadvertently detected by the official Xbox account on Twitterwhich indicates that Stalker 2 is scheduled for 2023, and is not back in December 2022. PC Gamer confirmed later That the developer already has a late release date in mind. A company employee confirms: “The news came a little faster than intended, because we really wanted to announce this sometime in the next few days. But yes, the game will be released already in 2023.” No new date has been announced yet.

GSC Game World YouTube Channel
Strongly opposed to the invasion of Ukraine

Although this has yet to be confirmed by GSC Game World, it is almost certain that the current conflict in Ukraine is the reason for the delay. Development of Stalker 2 was temporarily halted in March shortly after the outbreak of war, and the company was evacuated from its hometown of Kyiv that same month.

The company has also spoken out strongly against the conflict, including changing the thumbnail of all its YouTube videos to a Ukrainian flag with a message about the deaths of Ukrainians as a result of the invasion by the Russians. Also, Stalker 2’s official subtitle has been changed from “Heart of Chernobyl” to “Heart of Chernobyl,” according to the Ukrainian and not the Russian spelling of the infamous city.

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