Ukraine wants to force the Russians into peace talks by the fall

Ukraine wants to force the Russians into peace talks by the fall

CIA Director William J. Burns gave an insight into Ukraine’s military strategy during a secret visit to Kiev in June. In the ambitious plan, the Ukrainians want to force Russia into new peace talks by reclaiming large areas of territory. The head of US intelligence was told that this should happen before the fall. This is what is written in the American Gazette Washington Post.

Military strategists in Kiev expressed optimism to Burns about recapturing a large amount of territory by the fall: Ukraine wants to push further into the east of the country and push artillery to the Crimean border to force the Russians out of negotiations. So say three sources familiar with Ukraine’s military planning.

“Russia will only negotiate if it feels threatened,” said a senior Ukrainian official.

Burns’ secret trip thus far has included meetings with President Volodymyr Zelensky and senior Ukrainian intelligence officials. The visit came at a critical time in the conflict as Ukrainian forces struggle to capitalize on their long-awaited counter-offensive. But they say most of the attack brigades trained and equipped in the West have yet to be deployed. (editorial)

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