September 25, 2022

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Ukraine finds a mass grave with 440 bodies in the restored Izyum |  Currently

Ukraine finds a mass grave with 440 bodies in the restored Izyum | Currently

A mass grave was found in the recently liberated Ukrainian city of Izyum, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his daily video message Thursday. Compare the discovery of probably 440 bodies to those found in Botja in the spring.

On Friday, according to Zelensky, verified information will be revealed. “We want the world to know the reason for the Russian occupation,” he said. On Wednesday, the president visited the eastern city between Kharkiv and Luhansk.

Izium Police Chief opposes this Sky News It is said to be the body of 440. According to him, they are victims of gunfire, artillery fire, mines and air strikes, but the cause of death is not yet known to many.

Zelensky, in his daily video message, compared the finding of the bodies with those found in Botja in the spring. Hundreds of bodies were also found in that suburb of Kyiv after the Russians withdrew, sparking international outrage. “Russia leaves the dead everywhere and must be held accountable for this,” Zelensky said.

On Wednesday, Zelensky and the international press visited Isyum, also known as Mariupol II due to heavy bombing, for the first time after it was retaken by the Ukrainians. More than 40 thousand people lived in the city before the outbreak of the war.

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