Ukraine discusses organizing song contest: ‘Great Challenge’ | right Now

Ukraine discusses organizing song contest: 'Great Challenge' |  right Now

Preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest have begun in Ukraine. Oksana Skybinska, head of the delegation of the Ukrainian Song Contest, handed a document containing plans to Mykola Chernotytskyi from the country’s public broadcaster.

The Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Turin with the song Stefania† Traditionally, the event winner organizes the song contest the following year, but due to the war in the country, it is uncertain whether this will continue.

“We are now facing a huge challenge: to organize the Eurovision 2023 Song Contest in Ukraine,” Chernotytskyi said during a press moment on Tuesday. “In other countries the challenge is financing and infrastructure, but for us it is above all security issues. From Friday we will consult with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) on the organization of the event.”

Chernotytskyi hopes the state will give the organizers some time, as it remains to be seen if the event can actually take place in Ukraine. “I hope that the Eurovision Song Contest will be organized in a peaceful Ukraine. It will be difficult negotiations and the safety factor is very important. Therefore, the final decision will be taken in consultation with the European Broadcasting Union,” Chernowitsky said. “But that’s a lot more complicated than a simple desire to organize it here.”

Ole Psiuk, conductor of the Kalush Orchestra, approves of Chernotsky’s rule. “Many countries have already announced that they would like to organize a song contest if that is not possible here. But I hope that the Eurovision will be in Ukraine that is happy, rebuilt, and strong.”

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