Ukraine and US Authorities Take Over Nine Illegal Cryptocurrency Platforms – Computer – News

US authorities have seized several cryptocurrency platforms that were allegedly misused to support money laundering and cybercriminal activities. It is about nine domains. The US cooperated with authorities in Ukraine.

Action was taken It was carried out by various authorities at the end of April, the US Department of Justice now announces. A local FBI chapter worked with the Virtual Currency Response Team. The Americans cooperated with the National Digital Police Service and the Public Prosecutor of Ukraine. The services have taken nine platforms offline:,,,,,,, and Visitors to the websites will see that the domains have been taken over.

According to the Ministry of Justice, those cryptocurrency platforms will allow their customers to transact anonymously. This is a violation of Know Your Customer principles applicable to international payment industries and specifically US anti-money laundering laws. These suggest that financial institutions should have a certain amount of knowledge about their customers.

Authorities are therefore suspicious of sites that facilitate money laundering and support cybercriminals. “There’s a lot of criminal activity involved Exchanges Ransomware, but revolved around other scams and cybercrime,” the ministry writes. It is not clear why Ukrainian authorities were involved in the investigation. Nine domains were located on servers in the United States. The websites were used in English and Russian.

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