November 29, 2022

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UK recalls ambassador to France over fishing boat accident

UK recalls ambassador to France over fishing boat accident

The British government is summoning the French ambassador in London to explain an incident that occurred last night in two British fishing boats. they became punished by France Because they were fishing off the French coast in Le Havre.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said she had ordered Under-Secretary of State for European Affairs Wendy Morton to summon French Ambassador Catherine Colonna to explain “disappointing and disproportionate threats against the UK and the Channel Islands”. Colonna has been asked to report tomorrow.

France imposed a fine on fishing boats. One of the boats was sent to Le Havre and chained there. According to the French, the boats are not licensed to fish in French waters. But British Environment Minister George Eunice contradicted this, saying the boats were on a list of licensees handed over to the European Union.

harsh words

After the United Kingdom left the European Union, a conflict arose over allowing water fishermen to fish. This conflict threatens to spiral out of control. Recalling the French ambassador is the next step in this. “We regret the harsh words the French government has repeatedly used on this issue that do not make the solution easier,” the British government said in a statement.

After weeks of negotiations, British authorities have distributed more licenses to French fishermen, but the French government says they are still half the number France is entitled to. “We have worked with the British and have given them all the data, documents and information they requested. Our patience is running out,” a government spokesman said yesterday.

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Power supply

The British contradict this and say they have approved 98 percent of European ship orders. There will only be a struggle for 31 boats, according to the British, who made an incomplete order.

France ramped up pressure even more by publishing a list of sanctions that could take effect from November 2. This may also include measures regarding power supplies to the British Channel Islands from France. Jersey and Guernsey, among other islands, are highly dependent on France for their electricity supply.