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No, I don’t mix arguments. I will only respond to a specific part of your message. I could get into a FF discussion with you again, but we can’t figure out.

People who advocate MS as hard as you advocate for Sony, I’d take it just as hard, but you don’t realize that Sony is also the bad guy, in this case over 2, and that if MS doesn’t do these kinds of operations Buy, as soon you will only have Sony and Nintendo, and since there is a bit of overlap, people will soon have no choice at all, and again, Sony is not a good choice here, because there isn’t one.

Where did you say that Sonny is the good guy? Then you add things I’ve never said. With this acquisition, I would like to point out that the way Sony operates is completely different. Don’t acquire any publishers and then make all existing multiplatform games exclusive. I point out that I think this is a better way of doing business than the way Microsoft does. This deal disrupted the market. I’m just sketching what happens when Microsoft gets bigger.

As for Activision Blizzard, I’m curious how you would envision this further, this company is too involved to continue like this, so who should have bought it too? Or just let it die slowly?

I do not understand this argument. Activision is doing poorly now, so who better if Microsoft takes over? that’s not the point. Indeed, let sick companies bleed to death. Developers working there can easily find a new job or start their own studio. All the talents out there (9 studios) are working on one game. That talent can be used for something else.

In addition, these acquisitions also cause market turmoil. Sony now suddenly also buy senior developers. Action requires a response. It is not good for the player if everything is in the hands of a few large corporations.

This acquisition is a bit like when Sony suddenly acquired EA and made Fifa an exclusive. These types of games are crucial to the market. Let this cute cross-platform system stay.

People who defend MS as hard as you defend Sony, I would have had the same difficulty

That’s it, so don’t. It outputs and violates Sony professional messages. Thank you for indicating that you are “neutral”. But you also always stand up for Microsoft here.

But you don’t realize that Sony is also the bad guy, in this case it’s bigger than 2, and that if MS doesn’t make those kinds of purchases you’ll soon have Sony and Nintendo, and since then there’s a bit of overlap, people have no choice Not at all soon, and again, Sony isn’t a good choice here, because there isn’t one.

In this market, Sony is currently larger than Microsoft. However, Microsoft is the largest company here to borrow money from the “father” to make some major acquisitions.

With this statement, you are pretending that Microsoft is the pathetic company here who can’t compete otherwise. They are more than competitive, they have taken a lot of stupid steps that left them behind. Additionally, they are unable to develop games that feature the platform. They shot themselves in the foot with the Xbox One launch. It’s really Microsoft now pretending they can’t compete because they can’t run the business.

Now they’re looking for the biggest franchise on PlayStation. Oh, so we just buy them and make them exclusive.

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