March 22, 2023

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'UEFA denkt aan nieuwe opzet Super Cup en wil uitwijken naar VS'

‘UEFA is mulling a new Super Cup format and wants to go to America’

September 22, 2022 – The European Super Cup will be different in the future. The award is now awarded to the winner of a match between the Champions League and Europa League champions, but UEFA is considering extending it to a competition. In that case, four clubs will compete for the trophy.

The debate over expanding the Super Cup stems primarily from the creation of a conference league. UEFA hopes that the winner of this new, third competition – which Feyenoord lost in the first final to AS Roma last season – can also take part. But a fourth club is being considered to complete the field of participants.

America sees this, you know Guardian. The American market is seen as the most profitable market for European football. UEFA may want to use that potential by organizing new tournaments in the US every summer. In that case, the fourth participant in the Super Cup would have to be the MLS winner.

Moving the Champions League to another continent is not yet an option, but a new Super Cup could be organized this way from 2024. UEFA hopes it will attract new audiences. Other notable options are also on the table, such as combining the competition with concerts or a festival.

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