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Mind you, this I visit Active Directory (AAD). Not the “normal” Active Directory (AD). It’s also in the article but not in the title or bold first paragraph so I thought I’d make it clear. EDIT: Now corrected, thanks Arnaud _O_

It’s also a smart choice over Legacy Active Directory, which only works well within a company and is growing in popularity in this connected world. Even Microsoft now recommends a hybrid management solution (Azure AD with regular AD only for those applications and management options that don’t have AAD enabled yet). Azure AD also works best with SSO solutions such as Okta (or Microsoft’s own built-in type) that are popular in the business world.

It’s exactly that setting up a new system during installation is a drama with the old ad because during the installation that takes place offsite, you have to set up a VPN for the office to access your ad. Then you need to start working with private images using the VPN program in which it is configured. This is why AAD is much better for this, at least for systems not intended for an office network. This kind of thing is no longer from this time.

As a new function, I wouldn’t use old AD for now, but just switch to completely modern management with AAD. In this respect, this is a good move because managing a Linux desktop with cross-platform tools like Intune is now very limited. There are solutions made specifically for Linux (for Ubuntu, for example, Landscape) but it’s nice to be able to manage everything (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS) in one place. We are not interested in setting up a separate management platform for Linux.

For us at work (about 200,000 desktop and mobile endpoints combined), this is one of the reasons we can’t officially support Linux yet, and I really hope this is a step in the right direction. Intune is working on it, so is Ubuntu now, and hopefully we can get some basic management and WiFi certificates up and running soon.

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