Ubisoft takes servers offline for some old games – Update – Games – News

The flaunting of customer friendliness rather amazes me, and you can expect this.

Just to be clear, I was just trying to clarify the topic of discussion.

But yeah, since the article was originally written (taking servers for 90 games offline, no ad; the article has since been updated/corrected), I guess this isn’t really done. While you expected it to happen someday, you can’t expect it to happen now.

They can announce at least a few months in advance that they will. Then old fans can play it again out of nostalgia, and then you won’t feel like a failure if you buy the game (used) and they pull the plug the next day.

Regardless, I think it’s ridiculous that open and/or purchased add-ons are suddenly no longer available. Then edit the patch which automatically unlocks all the extra content for everyone (who’s crazy enough to still be playing a game years later). With publishers who have gone bankrupt, I realize that’s not an option (because yeah, bankrupt, so who’s going to pay for it), but Ubisoft can do just that, but they just don’t feel like it.

This kind of prank in which you stab paying customers in the back is (and seems to remain so…) an advantage of completely illegal ways to get games; After all, once all the protections are removed, you won’t need the Ubisoft servers anyway, so it doesn’t matter if they go down.

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