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While the concept behind it offers certain features that simply don’t exist now, it’s complete…you know what they’re trying to sell here.

The end game is all about giving players the option to resell their items once they have finished with them or when they have finished playing the game itself

Great sales talk, but now put it into practice? Should we consider the Diablo 3 level where people throw their gear on the ground and thus lose publisher money, leading to potential sales through third parties? Or a WoW/GW/MMO level where the untethered gear goes to AH and the only thing they get out of it is a bit of a gold sink? (And sell gems in the case of GW).

No, this is not about selling your zut when you’re done, all of this zut is a generic achievable with all their games. Think quest gadgets, boss gear, a standard zut that everyone can get their hands on with some time and effort. The goal is to make something generic that is unique, which takes on the value of ‘suddenly’. Think of an Ark-Evolved level with 256 dinosaurs wide but with a 0/0 mutation set, this becomes unique (math and time, long story) and suddenly there is an ‘interest’ in that and they hope people sell this ‘legit’ so they can pull 5-10% themselves on each trade.

Will there be a market? absolute. Ark, GW, WoW, a lot of games have an ‘outside’ market where a lot of money is traded (real money, not always in-game money), so now you’re going to facilitate this yourself with NTFs..there are always people going to buy something What.

NFT is what cryptocurrency means, and the essence if applied is a great system, but 99.999% use it only for profit, profit and investment (and illegal practices).

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