Ubisoft cancels three unannounced games and postpones Skull & Bones again

Resurgence, Heartlands, Xdefiant, Q, U, MQ2, 6 mobile these are the games where existing ‘best’ game development has to give way The Division 2 is on the back burner and still has a large player base (even Div1 still) it’s going to be Settlers The ‘new’ reboot of the legendary title.. which has become more than just a mobile game on PC as Flappybird has better depth in gameplay.

Meanwhile, game after game flops, Just Dance, Rapids, Riders Republic, Extraction, Phoenix, that fuzzy drum game, and then that groovy mockery of Rocksmith+…

Transforming our biggest brands into a truly global phenomenon through multiple offerings across platforms and business models

So not only new parts of the same games, but also with undoubtedly “interesting” business models (have they already thought about NFTs? : s)

Is listening to that conference call, god damn they can’t even teach these French people to speak normal English? Even those questions can hardly be understood :/

There are some interesting questions, apparently the 100m has been crossed out somewhere in the unreleased “No More Details” game, and I’m curious as to which one that would have been.

And so it’s an increased focus on their core games, as they already indicated in July last year, in order to make their flagship titles “large scale.” So soon we’ll have FarCry Mobile, FarCry Moba, Farcry Survival, Farcry Arena, Farcry ‘Bejeweled’, and that’s for their other titles too : s

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