Ubisoft announces September promotion and unveils Skull & Bones – Gaming – News

Ubisoft announces its exhibition to be held on September 10th. The game publisher will provide updates on multiple games during the show. Ubisoft is also announcing the unveiling of Skull & Bones next Thursday, July 7.

Ubisoft will holdMulti-game show† During the show, Ubisoft will share new information about games in development. The show starts at 9 PM Dutch time. The show will be available on the Twitch channel, YouTube channel, and the Ubisoft website.

In addition to the September promotion, Ubisoft will release more information about Skull & Bones on July 7. Earlier this week there was already Rumors About an advertisement for a pirate game. The game is rumored to be released on November 8 this year. New game footage will be available online next Thursday at 8pm.

Skull & Bones was announced in 2017 and was originally supposed to be released in 2018, but the development of the game has been very slow since then. The title has been delayed several times as Ubisoft changed the course of the game. Ubisoft plans to unveil the game’s first game in its current state on Thursday. earlier Have any pictures leaked? From a beta version, Ubisoft has confirmed that it is genuine.

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