Ubisoft and Riot Games team up against harmful behavior in online games – IT Pro – News

Freely translated: say what you want, threaten people, scold them. Because they just have to be able to handle it.
This has nothing to do with arrogance, it’s just how you and I are in the online world.

Of course we shouldn’t become overly sensitive to everything. But just an example of League of Legends. This game is known for its highly toxic community. Both in and out of the game. (You see it here on Tweakers, reddit, etc. You see it everywhere).

New players are not welcome or required at all. are you new? Then you hear the constant “Kill yourself” and “Go kill yourself”. (Just an example of what was said to the group I played with as a level a few times a week)

Can you say what it says “LOL don’t worry mute it. If you mind I’m stupid!!” Or are we your generation going to sound like “hey, maybe it’s not very helpful if people act like this”.

By pushing it away and ignoring it (which is what you want) you’re just giving these people the idea of ​​”Wow! That’s allowed” and they happily carry on.

Riot does little about it, because the toxic community brings in the money. They really aren’t going to fire the high paying people just hoping the new players will pay as well.

In any case, both Ubisoft and Riot are good at it;

Rainbow Six Siege? The rating is toxic hell. I really don’t know anyone who does singles anymore. 99% because of the community
brave? Exactly the same

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