U.S. stocks continue to be affected by the Ukraine war

U.S. stocks continue to be affected by the Ukraine war

Fighting in Ukraine has gripped international markets. On Friday, news of dangerous wars surrounding the nuclear plant pushed markets further down. Stock markets in the United States ended in a slump, as did Europe.

In the United States, reporting on jobs during the trading day was somewhat reassuring. More jobs have been created than analysts had predicted. When they counted about 400,000 new jobs, the U.S. Department of Labor estimated that at 687,000. This brings the unemployment rate to 3.8%, the lowest level since February 2020.

The Dow Jones Friday saw the smallest loss with a 0.5% fall. The S&P 500 0.8% fall and technical index Nasdaq Lost 1.7%. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg News Agency reports that the White House is considering a ban on Russian oil. Price per barrel West Texas Intermediate (WTI), the main benchmark in the U.S. oil trade, was $ 115.50 when the market split.

Investors saw more of the Japanese automaker on Friday Honda And the electronics giant Sonyநிறுவனங்கள் Companies announced the formation of a joint venture to manufacture and sell electric cars. From 2025, cars in the new company will have to exit the production line. Both stocks lost, however, with Honda falling 2.8% and Sony 1.8%.

Shares of the clothing chain Interval Thursday ended at the final price. Despite inflation and supply problems, the company has released an improved profit forecast for 2022. In the fourth quarter, the results were better than analysts had previously calculated.

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