November 29, 2022

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U.S. borders are reopening, but not for everyone

U.S. borders are reopening, but not for everyone

Now borders the United States from November 8th To reopen Can’t log in, reports

In the Netherlands you are infected with the corona virus and if you get a shot, you are vaccinated ‘completely’. In the United States it is different. “A shot from Pfizer or Moderna (thus recovering from corona virus, ed.) Is not enough to gain access to the United States,” a State Department spokesman confirmed.

Despite this, the Jansen vaccine is an exception. One injection is enough for this vaccine. The spokesman goes on to say that travelers with the Jansen vaccine and the negative test are adequately protected by one shot so they can gain access to the country.

V.LFlights to the United States

As of yesterday (Monday, edition) the United States had lifted entry restrictions. This makes it possible for European airlines, including KLM, to fly here again. It is becoming clear what the country needs for passengers to enter a Dutch airline. “We know what to check,” a KLM spokesman said.

Passengers who have been vaccinated against a negative PCR test may re-enter the United States. Due to the corona virus, the country decided to close its borders a year and a half ago, making it impossible to fly to the United States. KLM now flies to eleven different destinations in the United States 64 times a week. They are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Washington, Minneapolis and Houston. Delta Airlines flies again between the Netherlands and the United States.

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