Two-thirds of a veggie burger isn’t very healthy

Two-thirds of a veggie burger isn't very healthy

The Consumers’ Association looked at 75 vegetarian and vegan burgers, available at Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Lidl, Plus, Aldi, Hogvliet, Dirk and Ecoplaza. These burgers are made, for example, with soy, nuts, pea protein, or vegetables. Two-thirds of the products appear to contain a lot of salt and/or saturated fat.

Plus a good example

Both supermarkets and brands produce an unhealthy veggie burger. For example, Vivera, Valess, De Vegetarische Slager and Lidl do not have burgers with a healthy composition. From Albert Heijn there are only 3 out of 10. From Jumbo 4 out of 8 and from Garden Gourmet 2 out of 4. Plus is a good example with 3 veggie burgers. None of them contain a lot of salt or a lot of saturated fat.

Vega burger is healthier than beef burger

Sandra Molinar, director of the Consumers’ Association, said: “Although many plant-based burgers are not as healthy, they are generally healthier than beef burgers. Furthermore, the vegan variants are more sustainable. Not only in terms of animal welfare, but Also because of much less impact on the climate.With less salt they are healthier compared to meat, so it’s up to the manufacturers.

A bunch of vegetarian burgers for the vegans

The consumer association also evaluated whether 27 healthy plant-based burgers contained enough protein, iron and vitamin B12. Hence, they are ideal for vegans who cannot obtain these nutrients from animal products. Only a few veggie burgers meet this requirement.

Molenaar: “Our survey of more than 2,000 consumers showed that vegans and flexitarians also find these additives important. So manufacturers can still make big strides in this area as well.

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