Twitter has introduced a new store feature in the United States

Twitter has introduced a new store feature in the United States

Social media platform Twitter is testing a new store functionality in the United States. Product drops allow retailers to announce their product releases and redirect users to their web store to complete the purchase.

When a retailer tweets about an upcoming release, site users can click the ‘Remember Me’ button at the bottom of the post. All product information such as price, description and photos can be found in the related tweets. On the same day, the user will receive a notification 15 minutes before the launch time. When you click on the notification, you can buy products instantly on the retailer’s website. Twitter will test product drops in the coming weeks with a select number of partners, including Dior, Fossil and Union Los Angeles.

In a statement, the social media site said: “People are coming to Twitter every day to talk about products and product announcements. Retailers have been dropping products on Twitter for a long time without any support for their own product. Allows you to stay informed about publications.

Twitter has been testing various store features on the platform for some time. For example, a few months ago, ‘Twitter Shops’ was launched, which is currently in the testing phase in the United States. In addition, the company announced live shopping last year, and that functionality can only be tested in the United States.

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