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Twitter confirms on its own platform that there was a deliberate act when it emerged a few days ago that third-party apps that use the Twitter API were shut down. The company does not provide any additional explanation.

Twitter says Just because it “enforces long-standing API rules” that could mean that some apps will stop working. This shows that third party apps like Twitterific and Tweetbot are being intentionally blocked.

The social media company does not provide any additional explanation. There is also no indication of the specific rules on which Twitter took this step. Partly because of this, it’s also unclear why some smaller third-party apps, for example, still work.

Twitter’s confirmation follows reports from developers of the Twitter app since last Friday I ran into problems. They indicated that they were having problems logging in and were already directed to the Twitter API. Many well known apps are offline.

Recently referenced by The Information Internal Twitter connections who saw the mediator. It turned out that there was no suspicion of a malfunction, but access to the API was closed. Tweetbot developer I suggested Although it was an intentional action, because changing the API keys briefly triggered the application again.

Twitter once offered free and widespread API access, but that’s been over ten years ago This situation has come to an end. The company makes less or no money from users of third-party clients, in part because some apps don’t show ads.

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