Twitch confirms no user data was leaked in recent data breach – Computer – News

In all likelihood, no street user data has ended in the recent data breach at the Twitch streaming platform. Users’ passwords, login details and payment information, among other things, will not be changed.

The users’ credentials are said to have been encrypted with a bcrypt hash and were used during massive data breach not stolen. Payment details, credit card numbers or bank details also remained unaffected by the incident. She emphasized that only a small group of users would be affected by the leak Twitch in a new blog post. Twitch is communicating with all infected people. It is not clear how many users were affected and how the affected victims were affected by the vulnerability.

In the data breach in early October, approximately 128GB of Twitch data was shared on the 4chan forum. The streaming platform acknowledges that internal documents have been released, including Twitch source code, ads, and subscriber revenue from well-known streaming devices. Because Wrong server settings An anonymous party could gain unauthorized access to affected Twitch data. The stolen information was then shared online, according to the leaker with the aim of unleashing “more disruption and competition in online video streaming services.”

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