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Tv-uitzending 18 oktober 2021

If you receive a set of minutes, you will quickly believe that the bill must be correct. But even a shady company can send a legal bailiff to you. Influencers on your Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube feed often sell products in addition to themselves. Radar checks! Examines the rules of influencer marketing. Finally, the use of cash is becoming more and more expensive for consumers and business. Are we going to a cashless world? The majority of people want to avoid it, according to research.

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I was shocked: I received a letter from the record. You have to pay hundreds of euros within 14 days to a company of dubious reputation: the Leak Detection Center. You’ve been arguing with that company for weeks about their incorrectly sent bill, and to get over it you get a record on your rooftop. Shouldn’t the sheriff, who is the sworn official, check the claim of such a company first?

New section Luden Liu: The most annoying influencer to announce | Radar checks!

The world of influencer marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. Influencers have built loyal followers through channels like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Products such as soft drinks, gadgets, and clothing are marketed, sometimes without even suggesting that influencers are making big money for it. Because what rules really apply to influencers? For the new section of Loden Leeuw, Fons delves into the world of influencer marketing.

Test panel survey: 63% want to prevent stores from rejecting cash

Radar has conducted a survey about paying in cash, which our test panel completed, among other things. Nearly 40,000 people responded. Although debit card payment is the most popular payment method, our research shows that as many as 82 percent usually or always carry cash. Payment by debit card has gained momentum due to the Corona crisis, but consumers are increasingly discouraged from paying with cash. For example, a number of banks require customers to contribute when withdrawing cash. Depending on your package and the amount of money you withdraw, this can be up to €5 per amount withdrawn. Shopkeepers also note that cash is becoming less common. Research by Radar also shows that some stores charge an additional contribution for cash payment. Are we heading towards a cashless society? What are the consequences for the consumer? Radar explains.

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