Turns out ‘The Girl with the Flute’ was not by Johannes Vermeer | Media and culture

Turns out 'The Girl with the Flute' was not by Johannes Vermeer |  Media and culture
After much hesitation, it is now certain: The girl with the flute Not by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. This is what was shown by research conducted by American scientists and reports Washington Post.

Scientists have long suspected, because the painting didn’t look good enough.

The painting hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. During the Corona pandemic, museums were forced to close their doors, giving scientists the opportunity to further investigate the painting.

Several of Vermeer’s paintings were removed from the wall for investigation to allow for their study. This provided further insight into the work process of the Dutch painter (1632-1675). This allowed the research team to determine that girl with flute Not by Vermeer.

Researchers say the use of pigments and brushes is different from Vermeer’s work. It is not clear who painted the painting. He may be a student or pupil of Vermeer. This person had understood the technique but his skills were extremely limited.

About 35 paintings are attributed to Vermeer worldwide. girl with flute It was “rediscovered” in 1906 and donated to the National Gallery of Art in 1942.

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