Trump lashes out at Biden in speech: ‘enemy of the state’

Trump lashes out at Biden in speech: 'enemy of the state'


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Former President Donald Trump gave a long speech at a rally in Pennsylvania, USA. In that speech, he reiterated his dismay at the FBI raid of his Florida home. He also called his successor, Biden, an “enemy of the state.”

Trump spoke for his thousands of supporters. He warned his political opponents, among others, of a “ridiculous” raid on his Mar-a-Lago home of “a reaction no one has ever seen.” FBI in that house Secret documents The former president had taken it from the White House.

Attack on Biden’s Speech

“The danger to democracy does not come from the right, but from the extreme left,” he told his supporters. He replied Biden’s speech Earlier this week. Biden said on Friday that equality and democracy are “under attack” as Trump tries to “bring the country back on track” by overturning the democratic establishment.

Trump called the speech “the cruelest, most hateful and most divisive speech ever given by a President of the United States.”

In his speech, he repeatedly said that the presidential elections were rigged and that if he had been president, Russia would not have invaded Ukraine. He also criticized the attitude of the Democrats in various cities. He argues that crime is on the rise in Democratic-run cities.

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