Trump ally must pay 5 million to winner of voting machine ‘challenge’

Trump ally must pay 5 million to winner of voting machine 'challenge'
Entrepreneur Mike Lindell at the CPAC Conservative Conference, in March

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A famous American businessman and Trump supporter, Mike Lindell, has been ordered by a Minnesota arbitration committee to pay $5 million to a software specialist who managed to prove that his claims about rigged voting machines in the last election were false. According to Lindell, the Chinese government manipulated US voting machines in 2020, falsely labeling Joe Biden as the winner.

Lindell launched a contest in the summer of 2021, with a $5 million reward for the winner. This prize money Proving Mike the Wrong Challenge It was intended for the contestant who managed to be proven wrong. One of the participants, network expert Robert Zeidman, went to work with the evidence Lindell provided of Chinese interference, a trove of computer data that allegedly originated from rigged voting machines.

This is how Lindell launched his “challenge” in 2021:

Zeidman wrote a 15-page report that he said showed that the data provided by Lindell “was in no way related to the 2020 election,” but the jury convened by Lindell refused to award him prize money.

Then Zeidman turned to an arbitration tribunal, which is a type of court with a minimum level for commercial disputes. He looked at the evidence and now agreed: Lindell must pay 5 million within a month.

I will not pay

There was no evidence of tampering with voting machines during the 2020 election. Lindell was sued for libel by two manufacturers of these machines over his allegations.

One of those companies, Dominion, earlier this week settled more than $780 million with Fox News TV over similar allegations about voting machines. Dominion is asking for 1.3 billion from Lindell. According to the businessman, the various cases against him are part of a plot to stop him from his “crusade” against voting machines. “I will spend all my money to save the country that I love.”

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