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Blog Entry | 02-08-2022 | Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A city trip to New York, a road trip through California or a hiking trip in Alaska. It is possible again! But a relaxing vacation naturally starts with good preparation. Are there still measures to prevent corona? What else should you think about during your vacation in America? Ambassador Andre Haspels explains it to you.

As the Dutch Ambassador to America, Andre knows the country well. He has visited almost every state, with only Hawaii still on his list. “America is a beautiful country to travel in. Huge and very diverse. There’s so much to see and do.’

Borders are temporarily closed due to the Corona virus. Can the Dutch return to the US?

‘Yes! You can travel to the US, but you must show a vaccination certificate. This is evidence of the first two vaccines. A negative PCR test or proof of recovery is no longer required.’

Are there still measures to prevent corona?

‘In many places it is recommended to wear a mask, for example in public transport and museums. Companies and authorities may take additional measures. So are you visiting a particular attraction or museum? Check out the website first. Sometimes you need to book tickets in advance, for example.

In the US, measures may also vary by state. On the website of US RVIM, The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)You can see which measures apply to which state.

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What should you think about before leaving?

Dutch citizens must apply online for a US Travel Authorization (ESTA). It’s often the fastest, but of course, apply for ESTA at least 72 hours before departure. Also consider good travel and health insurance. In America, medical costs can quickly become high.’

Can you safely vacation in the US?

‘Travel advice is green. This means that security risks in the US are comparable to those in the Netherlands. Take the usual security precautions: Take care of your valuables and check in advance that your hotel is in a safe area.

Natural disasters such as wildfires and floods can also occur in the United States. As a result, roads or parks are sometimes closed. So be aware of the weather and follow the local news. Are you going to a national park? Check out the website in advance National Park Service (’

Many tourists rent a car or motorhome in the United States. What should you focus on?

‘All the road signs and distances being marked in miles took some getting used to. Pay attention to your speed, as speed traps are a regular occurrence on American roads. Again, each US state has its own traffic rules. Find out in advance what rules apply in the state you’re visiting. Also see general traffic rules Website of ANWB.’

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Can you pay with your Dutch bank card?

Yes, you can pay everywhere here with your debit or credit card. It is wise to inform your bank before departure. This way, you can prevent your bank card from being blocked by unexpected expenses. Always keep some cash with you. A hundred dollars in small bills will suffice.

Do you have tips for tipping in the US?

Fifteen to twenty percent tips are more normal in restaurants and taxis. Do you pay nothing or less? You imply that’s not good, and you’re essentially attacking the staff, whose paychecks mostly consist of tips. Hotels are also wise to factor in additional costs. Sometimes you pay an extra thirty or forty percent in tourist taxes and local taxes.’

Why do holidaymakers go to the embassy?

‘You can call the embassy if you have a problem, for example if you’ve lost your passport. You can also contact our Consulate General in Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. or with one of the Honorary Consuls who can assist you where we have no Consulate or Embassy.’

Embassy, ​​Consulates-General and Honorary Consulates are located here.

What is your favorite vacation spot in America?

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Ambassador Andre Haspels and his wife.

“It’s hard to pick just one destination… For example, Maine is beautiful. You have a lot of nature, great lakes and the ocean there. Alaska is great too. It’s a big area, great nature and unique landscape. But I’d sum up all the other states with this, Because there are so many beautiful things to see in America!’

Download the travel app

Want to stay informed about the latest travel advice? Download the travel app from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Customs. Love United States of America and get instant notifications when travel advice changes. Also read what is not allowed in your luggage and what to do in an emergency. All information is available to find out.

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(The text then appears: Do you need proof of Corona? (digital or paper) The CoronaCheck app opens and the screen turns green.)

(A text will appear again: Going abroad? Stay informed! Download the travel app. The app will open on the smartphone. Image text: Your destination has been captured. If anything changes, you will automatically receive a message.)

(Next to the travel van is the text: Heading home? Find out what to pack! Later: See travel advice.)

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