Travel to USA: “Book early and get over it”

Visit USA Roadshow

“Bookings for the US are doing well, but they’re still not at 2019 levels,” Hanni Flood (Visit USA/Target Travel Marketing) told TravelPro during the Visit USA roadshow.

Hanni: “2019 was definitely a good year, so it will be a challenge to surpass it. The desire to travel to the US is definitely there, and people have saved enough, so we are seeing bookings pick up again. The Dutch want value for money, but a well-organized trip, quality and are certainly willing to pay for unique experiences. Vincent Heckert (EURAM) can confirm this: “We see that the whole package is being booked now, so not only hotels, tickets and transfers, but also excursions and unique experiences. Regarding the destination, especially the price-quality ratio Considering, I think Texas might get more attention.The Deep South and Eastern US are also well-documented.

A new experience
Hanni: “We see less obvious destinations becoming increasingly popular. For example, many travelers have already been to New York, Florida or the American West and are now looking for a new experience. Travelers want to discover more and more nature, but also take sustainability into account and want to have an experience with local people. They They want to come home with a story.America is a place where you can keep going and come back with a new experience every time.

Book in advance
Timely booking is important. “Availability of cars and motorhomes has been limited by fleet sales during the crisis. Therefore, early booking is recommended not only to ensure availability but also to get the best price. Helen Lagerwerf (Travel Trend) says summer holidays are almost fully booked. “One more thing to say, but summer holidays It will be very difficult. We are still running on deficit. So it is recommended to go there before the 2024 holidays.

“Also check if your client has traveled to Cuba after January 2021, as it is currently not possible to apply for an ESTA,” Hanni says. “Customers can only enter the US with a visa and the application process can take some time. In addition, travelers are currently required to be vaccinated, but the vaccination obligation will be lifted in May. More information on this will follow. Another good tip is to tackle a trip to the US. Tick everything off during your trip. Don’t try to do it, but try to enjoy yourself. I would advise two to three states at most in one trip. Take time to walk to a local bar or enjoy live music.

Also present at the roadshow was Vincent van Leeuwen (BuroSix), who represented Visit Seattle yesterday. BuroSix is ​​immediately responsible for all PR activities for both Seattle and the Port of Seattle in the Dutch market. “We’re really excited to put Seattle back on the map in the Netherlands. The city has so much to offer that it’s worth a few days’ stay,” says Vincent. Seattle is the largest city in Washington, USA and is known for being a diverse city with a vibrant culture and surrounded by impressive nature. Influential brands such as Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and Starbucks have made their appearance, and the city is filled with micro-enterprises that give the city its atmosphere and character.

‘Into the jungle of nature’
The first evening of the Visit USA roadshow took place yesterday at the Aviodrome in Lillestadt. Today the second evening takes place at the Omniversum stadium in The Hague. Not only will the roadshow be dedicated to one-on-one sessions, the film ‘Into Nature’s Wild’ will also be shown. The film takes the viewer on a journey through the beautiful wilderness of America. Morgan Freeman accompanies the scenes using his signature voice. A nice warm up all evening.

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