January 27, 2023

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Transavia provided half the information about the canceled flight, and informs customers again |  Currently

Transavia provided half the information about the canceled flight, and informs customers again | Currently

Passengers whose flights have been canceled by Transavia can quickly expect new information from the airline about their rights in the event of a flight cancellation. Consumers Association exploited Transavia has recently been criticized for the incomplete information it provided to travelers. The airline will also compensate passengers who had to incur additional costs due to half the information.

Transavia was criticized for the information it provided to travelers when the airline canceled flights due to limited flight space in Schiphol this summer. Travelers whose flights had been canceled by Transavia often had the choice between a refund or travel after the summer.

According to the Consumers Association, the airline had to offer more options, such as booking a replacement yourself, with Transavia bearing the additional costs. The KLM subsidiary now acknowledges that providing the information “could have been more complete” and attributes the incomplete information to the chaos surrounding Seaful.

Thirteen thousand passengers have now been offered an alternative flight from Transavia. The 6,000 travelers who fail to do so will receive a more detailed explanation via email about their options and rights. They can, among other things, refund their money and receive a return ticket to the desired destination, if it is suitable. Transavia also promises that people who have booked an alternative flight and incurred additional costs, can claim these costs from the company.

The Consumers Association says it is pleased with Transavia’s move. Director Sandra Molinar says: “Fortunately, Transavia realized it was a mistake and promised to correct everything. The first improved emails have already been sent and the information on the Transavia website has been modified. We are very happy about that.”

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