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Well everyone has their own. I used to love the “I need more wood” cans…Diablo 2 I’ve never played. Then I started playing Wow (vanilla and “hardcore”), and I still have a subscription. I thought I’d go back to the classic play with some old guilds… I couldn’t stand it anymore. At the time it was a very good game, and I had hours of fun, but the newer versions have added a lot. And yes, the new expansion is always a little different, but it’s more of the same. I still play it. So I had just tried Diablo 3, and I really liked it. I haven’t played many outdoor shooters in den Quake and UT, other than Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory. And by chance, I tried the beta version of Vanguard and liked it. So I think I will buy it. I don’t play a lot of games anymore, but every company has their own stuff. Overwatch wasn’t bad, but it was kind of ‘cartoonary’, and I’d rather play a live shooter than play a shooter with extra hero abilities. For me they can also remove jumping and sliding from the game :). Well, to each of them, but they always make a good game for me personally, with my limited knowledge. I don’t care what name is released under it, as long as it’s a good game. Hearthstone I play regularly on the couch on my tablet for the game or 2. This is since the beta, but the interest is less and less, since there are quite a few expansions (and I still have a lot of gold / dust), but the first card I ever played

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