Top hats on the controversial Jumbo spot: ‘We had to accept it’ | The media

Top hats on the controversial Jumbo spot: 'We had to accept it' |  The media

The Toppers had nothing to say about Jumbo’s controversial World Cup ad. According to the group, the supermarket chain decided everything. “We had to accept it,” Rene Froger told ANP on Thursday, on the eve of a new series of Toppers concerts at the Johan Cruyff Arena.

Jan Smit, Jeroen van der Boom and Gerard Golling couldn’t add much to that. “We can’t talk about it, because it’s out of our hands,” Van der Boom said. Yuling: “It wasn’t our decision.” When asked what they thought of the final result, the quartet refused to answer.

In the commercial, which was shown briefly on TV at the beginning of this month, two Polish construction workers are seen walking. This is a sensitive issue, because the tournament in Qatar is controversial precisely because of the poor working conditions of guest workers who had to build stadiums and hotels.

The toppers did not appear in this part of the ad. They can only be seen singing in the Jumbo branch warehouse. Then rapper Donnie drove down the road in Poland through a construction site.

Jumbo actually decided on the commercial after a day to remove it from the tube After an outcry on social media.

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