Top Five Teams In The NBA According To Their Championship Final Wins

Over the 75+ years the NBA has been around, we’ve witnessed some incredible wins that have resonated through the ages. And like many sporting events that you can bet on, such as the Coca Cola 600 predictions, the NBA has been one of the top brass in the sporting world. We’ve seen it all, from exciting and memorable moments to clutch victories.

Many teams have worked hard to win the championship over the years, and we’ve seen how teams can rise from a terrible season to come and rule the championship. In that case, we’re taking a nostalgic journey into the past where we will check out five teams in the NBA and their incredible championship final wins. Let’s get into it!

Chicago Bulls – 95/96 Season

Starting our list is one of the all-time greatest teams in NBA history. The Chicago Bulls of 95/96. Even though they’ve been together for a while, the 95/96 season cemented their place in the history books after going on a rampage, dominating the Eastern Conference. The story of the ‘96 team is one for the ages, and everyone can tell how incredible it is after that final against Utah Jazz.

They had one of the best regular-season records with 72-10; Micheal Jordan was a beast in that season as he averaged 30+ points per game. And with the help of Dennis Rodman and Scotty Pippen, the team breezed through the regular season and playoffs, including the final, to win the NBA championship in 1996.

LA Lakers – 86/87 Season

Arguably the best Lakers team ever to grace the NBA. The team was filled with some of the best players on the roaster. It has Kareem Abdul Jabber, Magic Johnson, and James Worthy. It also has Byron Scott in the mix, and they were all deadly. The team could face any opposition and eliminate them. 

They were on a rampage as they swept the East Coast, defeating the Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors, and the SuperSonics on the way to the finals. In the NBA Finals of 1987, the team faced Boston Celtics, winning in six games. Magic Johnson averaged 23 PPG and 12 APG throughout the finals, showing how deadly the team was that year. 

Boston Celtics – 85/86 Season

Boston Celtics are one of the biggest franchises in the NBA, and they have won many NBA Championships. Larry Bird was the best player on the team, but he had help from Kevin McHale and Robert Parish to increase their winning chances, and it worked well all through the season. It was an epic season for the team.

After the regular season and having a 67-15 record, Boston Celtics were on a roll, and they went past the Bucks, Bulls, and Hawks to face Houston Rockets in the 1986 finals. It was an epic series, and they claimed the title after game six, with Bird averaging 25+ PPG, 9+ RPG, and 6+ APG. 

San Antonio Spurs – 98/99 Season

San Antonio Spurs have been a struggling team for years, but they hit the deck in the 1998/99 NBA season and went on an impressive run that earned a place on the all-time list. Avery Johnson and Tim Duncan led the team, and these players were on a roll that season, providing epic performances throughout the season. 

The team had an incredible run through the playoffs, where they swept through the Blazers and Lakers to get a playoff record of 15-2. After the playoff, they faced the New York Knicks in the NBA finals, and it was a breeze for the West Coast team, where they won in Game 5, and Tim Duncan also won that year’s NBA finals MVP award. 

Chicago Bulls – 96/97 Season

Another Bulls team to enter this list is the 96/97 champions. The team was so good that they had a 69-13 record in the regular season, almost matching their best season ever. They still retained their top three players, and as a result, it was smooth sailing for the team that has come a long way from winning their first as a group in the 1990/91 season.

Rodman had the best Rebounds per Game record with 16.9, Jordan led in the points per game section with 29.6, and Pippen averaged 5.7 assists per game. The team had no trouble getting to the NBA finals as they remain dominant in the Eastern Conference. However, Utah Jazz wanted revenge in the final because of what happened the season before. But the Bulls were too good, and they won in Game 6 of the series to their 5th NBA title as a group.

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