Top 2000 gogo starts without Matthijs van Nieuwkerk: ‘The program is bigger than any maker’ | show

Top 2000 gogo starts without Matthijs van Nieuwkerk: 'The program is bigger than any maker' |  show

Top 2000 a gogo will start again, but instead of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Herman van der Zandt will present the season with Leo Blokhuis.

Van Nieuwkerk, in consultation with station NTR, decided it would be best to retire as presenter this year. This decision followed an extensive article by De Volkskrant about Van Nieuwkerk’s offensive behavior behind the scenes The world is moving forward (DWDD).

His replacement said he was looking forward to it. “When I was asked to host this beloved one-time show, it was hard for me to put it aside. The Top 2000 Café is a familiar place to me. I have great taste in music, but I’m also an ’80s kid. With Leo and the editors, I want to make it a great year-end.” ”

The Blokhuis really wanted Top 2000 a gogo to continue after Van Nieuwkerk dropped out. According to him, the software is bigger “than any maker,” he said on NPO 1 talk show Op1. “Look, it’s all very double entenders. We’re not going to talk about everything that’s going on in ten minutes,” said Blokhuis, who therefore didn’t want to say anything about Van Nieuwkerk in terms of content.

“There’s a lot coming at you on all sides, the blame, whether you do something or not. But let’s say: We have a program that’s bigger than any maker, even bigger than me. And we really wanted to keep creating that program.”

The Top 2000 competition, part of which had already been recorded, was cancelled. Top 2000 a gogo can be watched on NPO 1 from December 26-31.

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